Registry Cleaner

Operating a Dell M1330 with Vista SP1. I had high hopes for this product, but I think my stupidity got in the way! Since running it, a box keeps coming on screen stating Windows host process has stopped working. I can’t receive Windows updates, do a defrag etc. The stupidity? I cleared ALL errors. Yes I know NOW, however, I did set a restore point just in case. Unfortunately it didn’t work, or was crippled in the cleaning as no restore points are available to me now. Do I have to re-install Vista? (:SAD)

You should be able to restore the deleted registry entries VIA the registry cleaner?
Click Comodo → registry → Backup → then double click on a recent restore point.

Hope this helps. Can you please report this in the bug reports thread so it can help other users? Thanks (CNY)

Hello ,

Please post the entries deleted and the version of the Registry Cleaner. Did you checked the Unsafe Entries too? Thanks

I seem to recall free version 1 of RC being the only one available to me. Sorry, I have no idea which entries were cleared, but there were over 400 of them. I just cleared everything. I set a restore point and thought I could go back if required. Having established there was a problem, I tried to use several restore points going back weeks. All of them timed out. None of them worked. Same situation when trying to defrag, and update various applications. This wretched box keeps coming on screen saying Host Process for Windows Services has stopped working and has been closed. Supposedly Windows will inform me if there is a solution, but as I can’t receive any updates, I don’t know how!

OK found it. Version and having now read many other contributors with very similar issues, I hope nobody is going to try telling me this a beta version. I have used CCleaner to identify registry issues and replace what it can. NO CHANGE. I ask again, will I have to re-install Vista… or is there a registry repair tool available… anywhere?

You can try to restore the last backup registry file from the BACK-UP section . Hope it will help you.
You can also post or send me a private message with the backup file to see witch entries deleted caused the problem . Thanks