Registry cleaner test - Comodo Registry cleaner included.

I know it’s 3 months old, but i think it’s a good test anyway, even though i’m not surprised their product got the best results, since it’s their own test…

But comodos registry cleaner got 5th place of 31 registry cleaners.

If this test already have been posted here, i’m sorry i posted this, but i could not find it.

Very interesting, thanks for the link!

Nice to see that CRC only missed 50 (approx) out of 1000 of the registry errors they introduced, but 400 (approx) false positives is a bit scary. :o

Macecraft was always a top product. I still use an ancient version and it is faultless.

400 fp results would bear out the problems people are having with this product. Myself included.
It should still be considered a beta with such a track record.

It will never come near my machine again.

You have to remember the version of comodo’s registry cleaner in the test is version
and it got Released October 07, 2008.

There have been about 10 updates (that i could find) since that test. (including the Safe Cleaning update)
So i don’t know how comodos registry cleaner will do now.

But i think macecraft will make more tests.