Registry Cleaner hosed some apps

Registry Cleaner hosed:
Nero OEM ver
Microsoft Picture It! Publishing 2001
I can’t be happy about that. I have run Registry Mechanic, CCleanup, EZcleaner with no issues.

As a mattter of fact I had to got to a prior restore point to get the system to work properly.

This product needs some work.

Yes, the registry cleaner is dangerous. The first time I used it, it found something like 1,000 “errors”. I just made a fresh image, so I thought, what the heck, clean 'em all (I even took permission from TrustedInstaller to get rid of some I knew that should stay there). The next time I ran Vista’s built-in disk cleaner, there were some “Error log” files or something I checked, next thing I knew it was deleting half my hard drive. lol. The partition was trashed.

That’s why its in the beta stage and not for production machines.

Then they outta make it clear that this is beta. Nowhere did I see beta. They should make it REAL CLEAR or this will be labeled crapware very soon.

Bummer Man,
Did you use the _x32_BETA.exe installer or the _x64_BETA.exe installer.

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But really in all seriousness it is in BETA.

And definitely NOT ready for prime time.

One clean with default settings and poof no start menu among other things.

Really shouldn’t be out in the open the way it is because people don’t read.
This puppy is capable of a lot of damage, in unsuspecting hands.

The main title should read Beta Testers Disk/Registry/Privacy etc. or
be in a closed section or something.
I bet a lot of people have, or will, get burned.

Hi ,

Sorry for the inconvenient . This problem is fixed and will no longer appear in a future release .

I used:

It did not say BETA

Hey Haapy,

All Apologies where due.

It was funny though, I see what happened.

This forum area is for the new utility suite, and so it was natural to assume your post was
regarding the suite.
Since they put the cleaner in the suite and there is no where else for just the cleaner.
You were correct.
And your bug/problem carries even more weight, as your cleaner was NOT BETA.
I see they acknowledge the problem.
We will all have to see where it goes.

Peace out.

Well, Andrew already confirmed that this will be fixed, So I will now close this thread.