Registry Cleaner hangs on 'File Extensions'

I recently installed Registry Cleaner ( The 1st session cleaned my system without problems. On a second attempt only a few days later, it is getting hung up in ‘File Extensions’ and continues to run non-stop without completing.

If I go to the optimize section and check all options except ‘File Extensions’, it continues to run and clean without any apparent problems. If however, I include ‘File Extensions’ or run with only ‘File Extensions’ checked, it scans without stopping and gets stuck displaying on a non existent registry location above like:

HKEY Classes root\virtual store\machine\software\classes\virtual store\machine\software\classes\virtual store\machine\software…and repeats over and over to end of line.

If I let it run, the errors under ‘File Extensions’ and ‘Unsafe Entries’ pile up in the hundreds or until I force it to stop scanning. I went to the diagnostic section and it found the ‘crc.dat’ file corrupted. I did a repair on it, restarted it and it now shows healthy but the problem above persists. I did not have this problem a few days ago. Something has changed, but I don’t know what.

Finally, I totally removed the program, reinstalled a fresh install but the problem continues. Also, I have done a scan with a different Registry cleaner and it picks up no errors currently.

I am running Vista Home Premium 32 bit as well as Comodo Internet Security.


As an alternative, I decided to remove Registry Cleaner again and I installed ‘Comodo System Cleaner’ in its place. I ran the Registry Cleaner option without any problems, although it did pick up a few extra registry errors that ‘Registry Cleaner’ did not. Also, I noticed with the registry cleaner in Comodo System Cleaner, I now get hundreds of registry error warnings under the ‘In Depth’ search option and they are all related to ‘Comodo Firewall Pro’ software which I am also running on my pc. They did not appear in the previous scans using ‘Comodo Registry Cleaner’ but now do in ‘Comodo System Cleaner’, registry cleaner option. I assume they are safe to remove according to the user guide although I haven’t yet but was wondering why there is hundreds related to one program.

Why am I getting 2 different results with your 2 different registry cleaner programs? This program found additional registry errors even not including the ones related to Firewall Pro.

At this point I will leave the ‘System Cleaner’ installed as it appears to be working better. I am still curious what caused the original problem and why are the cleaner results different? Is one a more updated version?