Well, i have already received my invitation code and the download link but the only problem, is that im asked for a credit curd number in the registration link. What i am supposed to do?. Of course i wont give you my card number as i tought this was going to be a free service for light users and it is in its early stages (beta)

As stated in Melih’s post:

[b]At the moment there is no charge[/b], however this service does cost us money and at some stage we will charge for it. The idea is to charge the heavy users while offer it for free to light users (don't hold me to it though as its early days).

thank you


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UPDATE: For other ways - if they got any -, please, contact Comodo’ Support Department.


Please, someone from support, id like to have a solution.

Have you opened a ticket?

No i havent.

Then please, contact Comodo’ Support Department.