Registration Error

hello everybody…i want to use comodo easy vpn to connect to my officepc from office PC is behind a corporate proxy which allows only HTTP.HTTPS traffic.
I have installed easyvpn and thre seems to be no problem with installation. even the services start promptly during startup.
however while registering a new account it always give me an error that “the Current Connection has timeout”.
few more facts:

  1. the network connection created by easyvpn adaptor is enabled and also acquires an IP address evrytime i start the easyvpn service.
  2. I regularly use proxy softwares such as ■■■ or HTTP tunnnel to browse blocked sites from my office and use a proxy switcher to change proxy options in Internet OPtions at will.

Is the timeout because of my corporate proxy. I have turned off windows firewall and Officescan Firewall as well.

Can anyone suggest a way out.