Register with Win 10 Security

I have installed CCAV on two Win 10 computers. Neither has registered with Windows Security as an AV. I am constantly being notified that there is no active AV or malware/spyware protection. No other AVs are installed. except Win Defender which I have disabled. CCAV is running fine. Does Comodo have to somehow register CCAV with Microsoft before it is recognized or is there something I am missing?

Does resetting the security center work for you?

try to use other antivirus Untill comodo solve this silly mistake. I hope restting the security settings will not work ,windows will not be able to recognize ccav. Many users complained this isue when cccav was on beta version but comodo released this product without solve this comon issue.

Resetting Windows security did NOT solve problem.
I am comfortable waiting for Comodo to resolve this issue, but only if I know CCAV is active even though not recognized by Security centre.
Otherwise, I will reluctantly switch to another AV in the meantime.
I have installed many AV’s in the past and never has one failed to register.
I have used CIS for the last 4 years, love it, and no problem.
So Comodo obviously knows how to get an AV to register.
I have no idea how difficult this is, but I have faith that Comodo will just do it…now…not in some later release.

Hey zmiles just turn off the notice about antivirus in security center , and this will test if it’s working properly.

If these links don’t raise an alert then it’s not.

The two eicar tests (.txt and .zip) were both detected and quarantined by CCAV. :slight_smile:
So, even though not showing in Windows security center, CCAV is functioning correctly.
I feel much more comfortable now.
Thanks for the suggestions. You guys are awesome.

Not all people know that he Security Center does nothing more than report the status of what a security program reports to the Security Center. That means that if registration is not working (which is not uncommon; it’s a bit flaky) you can always rely on the status report of the security program its self.

Windows does nothing a program does not do its self; it only provides a dashboard for the user where certain things are in one place; it’s there because of reasons of usability and convenience.