Register license behind a proxy is not possible!

Hi guy, thanks for you incredible work, your antivirus and your firewall are almost the best coded, and for free!!! I installed in my office and I chat a lot with all my friends, many office workers that doesn’t have the money to buy a firewall or an antivirus not for personal use only. I’ ve a problem, when I try to activate the license number behind my proxy Comodo antivirus tell me that I don’t have internet connection?! But everything works perfectly, also the comodo antivirus update! What can I do to activate the license behind the proxy?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Faxophone,
This is being fixed and will be available through updates. You will able to register soon.

This bug is fixed and now license activation can be done behind the proxy server also. The fix is now available through updates.

:frowning: The problem change a little bit but remain, I update the antivirus, I request a license and after put it in the right field I receive the error: “Unable the locate license folder, please contact support.”

I try to reinstall completely the antivirus but the problem is the same, instead the update process works perfectly.

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Same problem guys,
I’ve a proxy and three cloned computer with same operating system and same installed software, on one of these the activate method works correctly on the other two computer nothing, on the proxy server no problem!
The update works perfectly on all the computers!

If you have an idea :-\ …


It seems that simple registry reading fails in your computer. If you have firewal or other program which hooks for regirty related calls may cause this problem sometimes. Try it by disabling/uninstalling those program. Also let us know the path of your program files direcoty?

I also cannot Register my license. Every time I try to activate it this error box pops up and won’t let me register. I have tried everyyhing I could think of.

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I deactivated the firewall, same identical problem, something is not working properly, because the update, instead, is perfect!!!

Please help us to resolve!!!