Hi Guys,
Maybe you can help. Has anyone any knowledge of a program ‘RegCure’. I am having problems downloading a web page ( ), it just comes up blank ( every other site page opens ok ) but I know it is active as I phoned my mate and his opened straight away. When I look into my system it says that my ActiveX is damaged. Maybe this is stopping this web page downloading. This download ( RegCure ) is supposed to clean up your register and fix errors, I am a basic computer user, so please, no fancy answers.
Cheers ( appreciate any help I can get, from good old Australia )

Hi, just a suggestion but can’t you go to another site to get it? Also, you may need to re-install your flash\shockwave from Adobe. Much of this depends on what browser you use. IE\Firefox, etc…If you Google ActiveX plugin download, you will get many references as well as RegCure.


Thanks for your answer,Paul
I am using IE6 and have tried using different search engines, Google, Yahoo, Msn, and they all come up with the same thing ‘Web page can’t be found’ but I can get into PC World, ZNet, PC Magazine etc.Will shop around until I get an answer.

If you are using IE, right click the icon, properties, advanced, and restore default settings. This will help many times. I would also do a scan for viruses, etc… start simple. ActiveX is a doorway for this garbage and POSSIBLY damaged from malware or such.