Regcleaner Reports 4GB not 8GB!


I have Vista 64 with 8GB of RAM. Reg cleaner only reports I have 4GB of RAM.

I have take this from DXDIAG X64 version:-
“Memory 8190MB RAM”

Regclean displays:-
Physical Memory: 4094 MB total

My Bios is enabled to support 8GB and Vista is working correctly. So looks like Regclean only dedects 4GB on my PC which is incorrect.

You should have posted this in the bug reports

He’s not talking about CRC, but about RegClean I think :slight_smile:

Bteamfox, this is something you need to ask the support of RegClean themselves, I can’t help you with something like that :frowning:


Ah right, new to the forum didn’t spot that section, I have now corrected my error.

bteamfox, not Comodo’s bug reports, but the RegClean forums themselves (different website). This is their product, not Comodo’s.

So, Comodo’s registry cleaner is NOT a Comodo product? What is the link to the forum for this product then?

CRC (Comodo Registry Cleaner) is Comodo’s product. RegClean is found at

The initial post states ‘RegClean’, which is someone elses product.

CRC and Comodo Registry Tweaker (looking for a new name), both can clean registries, but these are Comodo’s products.