RegBench, Windows Registry Benchmark Utility

RegBench is a simple console mode utility to benchmark the Windows registry. It emits output in XML that can be displayed in a human-readable format from within a web browser.

Further development work remains on this utility. It has been released to determine user intereset. There currently is NO installer, NO documentation, and it is intended for moderately advanced Windows users who can at least use a simple console mode utility.

DISCLAIMER: You use this software and information at your own risk. By downloading and/or using this software, you accept all liability for damages, trangible or intangible, resulting from the use or misuse of this software.

Is this a way to compare who’s got the slimmest and/or best registry? :slight_smile:


Wanna do a competition LA ?


Let’s begin with registry size. ;D

5,888 KB


How do ya check ? I’ll bet I’m around 22.000 or something ;D


windows\system32\config"software" file


Then I’ve around 20.992kb