Regarding the Network popup

On a portable computer, every time I connect to a network I get the popup asking me to decide if it’s home, work or public.

Even on networks I’ve already connected to and told it what they are, it always forgets and I have to tell it every time.

This makes me reluctant to choose the option to never ask me anymore, because what will it assume if it’s not asking anymore, since obviously it has no clue what I told it before?

Further, why is this even showing up at all? Is this not a “firewall” or “HIPS” function? Both of which are in a disabled state?


To disable the automatic detection of networks open CES → Advanced Settings->security settings-> firewall->firewall settings-> uncheck ‘Enable automatic detection of private networks’-> Click Ok.

If the laptop is using already a policy, you will need to rediscover the policy and then apply it on the laptop, otherwise, the policy will show non-compliant and the old policy will be reapplied and the settings you have changed will be overridden.
This may have happened regarding the issues connecting to the same network and still receiving the popup(s) message.
Here are more information regarding the firewall functionality and behavior:

Please check the print screen from to guide to identify if the popup(s) were from Firewall or HIPS. The Comodo Network Detected is from Comodo Firewall security layer.

  1. Why are ‘firewall settings’ even in use when it is disabled?

  2. If I do as you suggest and have it not detect, what will its assumption be? Public, home or work?

“Why are ‘firewall settings’ even in use when it is disabled?”

  1. Is the device being managed by ESM?
  2. What policy is being applied to it if it is being managed? (If locally configured policy is in use then the device is self-maanging its CES settings)
  3. What configuration are you seeing in the laptop’s CES display?

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