Regarding "temporary" Defense+ Permanent Deactivation

Whether or not these technical details even help at answering my question, is up to your perspective I guess. I just thought I’d include them to be on the safe side.

I’m using Comodo Firewall+Defense+ V 3.14.130099.587

I’m NOT here to be told to upgrade to the latest 4.XX.XX.XX by anyone (Just wanted to clarify that part)

I’m also running a Windows Vista 64 Bit → Upgraded → Windows 7 64 Bit with i7 processor, with 9GB ram running at 2.67 GHZ

The issue… and question

I learned a while back from several posts that disabling Defense+ allowed full-screen games to work again.

My question is, does disabling defense+ have the same effect as permanently disabling it? and if I do permanently disable it, is there an option to reverse that permanent disablement? I don’t want to install it again only to have it black screen indefinitely for me.

If by permanently disabling D+ you mean uninstalling the component, it will remained disabled until re-installed. Otherwise if you use the systray icon and choose Defense+ level as disabled, then it will remain disabled until you change it back to another level.

Hope this is what you are after.


Well, thanks for the answer, but I just found out what I wanted to know a few minutes ago. I exited my game and unticked the disable defense+ permanently option. Was told to restart computer to apply changes and it was working normally again.

The part that sucks is that I will have to restart my computer 2 times every time I want to play it. Once to disable defense+ so that it doesn’t interfere with my game and once more to re-enable it for that added layer of protection.

Requesting Lock.

  1. Have you tried ‘Training Mode’ with both D+ and the Firewall? (run game, them close game and place Firewall and D+ back in their normal mode.)

  2. Check the logs to see if they show what files you need to have access

Yeah… I already tried that once. It kept saying “Starting a new game…”. I let it go on for that for about 15 minutes before giving up and disabling it permanently. After the restart, the game loaded and I was playing in under 5 seconds. So yeah, definitely figured out the issue there. Defense+ somehow interfered with my game and kept it from running properly…

There was just ONE time where I was actually able to get into the gameplay. However, a consequence was that the game lagged BIG time when there were a lot of models. With Defense+ permanently disabled, that lag was non-existent.

But… yeah… managed to figure out the problem with a little experimenting.

Of course, I had firewall on training mode for a while, but it didn’t present me with any issues.

If you disable from the tray icon there is no reboot needed.

Try this. It works like a charm here. :slight_smile: