regarding issue of sandbox

Dear sir ,

Pls i have issue in sandbox , there are some common softwares which cannot be executed , since it takes the files in to sandbox , even though we have moved into trusted files .

the common softwares are ,

brother printer drivers

some data cards also cannot be executed.the isp providers are
airtel ( huwai doungle )
tatadocomo ( huwai doungle)
reliance doungle
micromaxx ( doungle )
mts ( doungle )

pls make it as positive file and aloow these files for execution

To submit requests for the whitelisting of specific files please post them in this post along with a VirusTotal link.


you can also put them temporarily in “define behavior blocker exceptions”

that can be found in
Security Settings > Defense+ > Behavior blocker

i think this should be in defense+ sandbox help thread