regarding improving the update mechanism for slow connections

The first experience with antivirus update was really frustrating as it contained files of big size. For slow connections it took several hours. >:( It was not possible to seat longer waiting for the completion of update. It would be better if the developers take a look at this issue and make the update process of a few steps. A sudden internet connection failure should not ■■■■■ up a whole update. Restarting the update every time from zero is a really tedious job and it never completes.

Please improve Comodo. Rest of the features are simply excellent.

Abhijeet Hargange

I think it is up to the developers and their convenience.

Indeed, the updates are small files, if you follow the regular updates after the initial full DB update.

May be they can include a small Download Manager kind of thing in their update mechanism, so that even if the update fails after downloading 30 MB of bases.cav.z (130 MB), it continues downloading from there on without starting from beginning.