Regarding cmdagent and virus scan

Ok, after trying the beta and uninstalled it due to CIS taking up too many CPU resources causing my computer to become unbearable sluggish, I decided to give the new version a try. However, not sure if CIS were built in this way, I’m still experiencing the following problems:

  1. cmdagent will starts to eat up CPU resources of up to 60% for no good reason for a few mins and then fall back to idle for a few mins and start to eat up CPU resources again. The cycles repeats itself. Basically, after installation of CIS, the whole system started to run sluggishly. What is causing this?

  2. When I press the ‘Stop Scan’ button, the virus scan interface started to hang there and refuse to close itself, despite me repeatedly pressing the close button. I did leave it there for awhile but it still refused to close itself, thus forcing me to reboot my computer.


What are your PC specs?

Did you uninstalled CIS beta before installing Final version or did U upgraded?

Definitely sounds like a issue outside CIS IMHO, snowflakes. If anything can be said about CIS it’s its low resource usage. Which other security programs do you have installed? Also when was the last time you scanned your complete pc for malware (and which scanner did you use?)

brgds mack

Sometimes Windows Vista’ Performance Information and Tools app ranks cmdagent.exe as the bad process that consumes a lot of CPU resources at startup time. CAVS engine and overall real-time process must be improved. Performance is good!

Hmm, I did a clean install before I installed the current version of CIS so definitely conflicts with previous beta is not the cause.

The CPU usage problem seems to be solved. It doesn’t seems to happen anymore.

My computer Specs and the security softwares I use, if you are still interested, is:

  1. Core 2 Duo 2.00Ghz
  2. 2GB of RAM
  3. Windows XP Pro
  4. Windows Defender
  5. Spybot
  6. CIS

But, the problem with virus scan seems to still happen. Oh well.