Regaining TRUST?

How ??? can ANY US based software company ever regain the former state of their customers TRUST?

Ideas, please?. :frowning:

Kind regards, REBOL. (atm very out of ideas)

I DO love Comodo, confessed, I’ve been using that very company’s software security solutions for lots of years now, let it be told. I feel like being personally hurt by what has happened during the last years.
I want my ol’ Melih back! I want my ol’ Comodo back! I don’t want “my ol’ NSA” back…

We are in total need of some words by the spokesman, methinks.

Melih, please tell us. NO GOVERNMENT IN THIS WORLD has got the right to tell their people to just “SHUT UP” about what’s happening.

COMODO shall survive. Of course. But only if responding directly and earnestly to the people out there who are in fact concerned.

ALL OF US do have the RIGHT to know what is happening behind closed doors. Or not?

How far have they gone BY NOW?

Will there ever be SALVATION for any individuals who are still contributing to mess things up in such a disgusting way of acting?