Refusal to Boot then Firewall Never Starts Up


Just installed the latest (3.13) release of CIS and following the requested reboot, my PC got to the windows splash screen and refused to go any further. So, I switch it off, then on, then chose “last known good configuration” which was the only option that allowed the PC to boot. It did so, but then when CIS started up it displayed a message saying (sorry, should have written this down) something about “firewall is performing first time update / initialisation”. Thing is, this never finished in over 15 mins, by which time I gave up and installed a competing firewall product instead. Really wanted to get this sorted but just had such hassle with CIS recently I needed a quick fix.

Help please.

Did you install CIS with the AV or without the AV?

Both, and got the same result.

Are you willing to try a clean install? If so uninstall CIS, reboot, use this clean up tool and try installing CIS again. Does the same thing happen?