Refund for services not rendered

I hate that my first post has to be this but I am very dissatisfied with the way this company is run. They took my paypal money and never fixed the problem. I spoke with “Victor” and then “Tom” and all I got was a bunch of gibberish to go to the Microsoft website. Honestly, if I wanted to go to the Microsoft website to fix my laptop, I would have went there in the first place. (Even though I had been there to look for solutions).

My laptop had a virus/worm and Comodo was supposed to take over my laptop remotely. After a long night of several hours, nothing was done to alleviate the problem. I gave up and ended up reformating the laptop losing all information. I then could have asked for a “one time” session fee and just pay the $19.95 and let it at that. However, I gave them the $49.95 and said I could be helped for the next year even though the Internet can pretty much teach you anything these techs know. I mean, they couldn’t fix my laptop and I ended up doing it by myself anyway.

Getting on with the story…it wasn’t enough that Comodo got $50.00 for free, they then proceeded to debit my paypal account 4 weeks later even though I bought a year’s service. What a bunch of ripoffs! That had to be the most despicable way to do business. If they had any sense of customer service, they’d have refunded me the $30.00 for NOT fixing my laptop remotely.

I am still fighting this paypal charge but I will never recommend them to anyone and my website gets literally millions of hits a month. I am going to give Comodo the option to step up and refund my paypal account.

To whoever is from Comodo and wants to discuss this on a more personal level, you may call me at XXXXXX and I will be glad to hear your reasoning as to why you took another $49.95 out of my paypal account when my year’s trial subscription is only a month old. I have tried to contact you through phone and through e-mail and to no avail have I gotten a response from you.

I hope you will step up and return my stolen money and end this unhappy customer/non-service provider relationship.

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Cobrabitn: I don’t think it’s wise to post your phone number in public forums. Override me if you insist. kail

Did the techs tell you to download and run the Microsoft malware removal tool (removes a common set of common and sometimes hard to remove malware)?

Please check the following:

  1. The 4 week charge was actually from Comodo. (Obvious, but worth checking)
  2. Read the Terms and conditions provided by Comodo.

P.S: I DO NOT work for Comodo.


For an expeditive way to proceed to a full refund of your money, please send a mail to This mail should contain the refund request, and as much possible from the data you used when you subscribed to our services (i.e. name used for the creation of the account, email adress and/or subscription ID). This mail will be processed and the money refunded.

Regarding to the quality of our service that you have experienced, i will be more then glad to talk to you about this, and see what happened and what we can do to prevent this from happening again.

Thank you for your feedback. I hope we will hear form you very soon.

Rotty & Ovidiu,

I already tried running the Microsoft malware removal tool and the more you worked with the laptop, the harder it got to do anything. I had that “antivirus pro” spyware on there and it had to be the most vicious malware I have ever seen on a computer. It would not let you access the task manager to stop processes…but on occasion, you could do it if you left the program running while you tried to stop it. It literally kept locking up the laptop and I had to keep rebooting and rebooting just to try and get to a screen I could actually navigate through.

I’m not complaining about the lack of being able to fix the laptop as I am about being charged for a second time. It’s like adding insult to injury. I’m also not afraid to give out my business number on the Internet, it’s already there anyway.

It was my understanding that the $49.95 was a yearly fee of which the techs would not give me the free trial unless I paid them the $49.95. And I quote from their front page

“You’ll get 30 days of Live Technical Support to help diagnose, treat and fix computer performance and security related issues on your computer.”

That means free is free but I had tried everything to get the malware off except reformatting the laptop to no avail. I went to Comodo for expert help only to leave frustrated even more. I’m not asking for help anymore, I’m wanting my money back and since a phone call wouldn’t work nor an e-mail to your customer service, I thought maybe the forums would be a better way to get your attention.

I will send that e-mail out to see if I get any results but I was already told by another Comodo employee to send an e-mail to cisquestions[at] and never got a response. Will I get the same result from the address you provided Ovidui?

P.S. Message sent to tonight at 11:55 p.m.

Thank you for making the situation right Ovidiu, that was very helpful. I learned one thing in business, mistakes are going to happen. it’s not that you made the error but how you handled the problem at hand. You did an honorable thing by making sure I got refunded in a timely manner. Thank you again for your sincere attitude and acts to be a good merchant.