Refreshing Defintions

First off I wanted to say that this is the best security package that I’ve had yet. Hackers are still getting on but I’ve got more ways to play with them now.

Secondly, I wanted to point out that I’m also using Iobit’s Virus software which has, on two occasions, found malware on a quick diagnostic scan but the virus reboots my computer and runs away on an official scan.

After the reboot Iobit no longer sees it until I update the definitions again. This tells me that either, upon the reboot, the virus is renaming itself OR it is corrupting the definition file that discovered it.

If the latter I thought it would be great, for both Iobit, Comodo and any other virus protection manufacturer to implement a feature that allows the user to completely ‘refresh’ their entire definition database thus replacing any files that the virus might have corrupted.