Refresh not refreshing?

I just have one small issue that poses a large problem…hy does Dragon not update my pages properly?

For example, I’ll be on my Facebook Timeline, and I’ll post a status on there.
I’ll then refresh the page, but it will appear as if I had never posted the status in the first place.
When I check my Facebook page on a different browser, it shows that the page HAS updated. In fact, it’s ONLY Dragon that does this to me.

I like using Dragon! It runs quickly, it’s secure, it’s very aesthetically pleasing, etc… This one problem is so severe that it may cause me to have to change my service…

Throw a man a bone here.

My thought is that it may be an issue with the cache not emptying for a page when it is refreshed, but I see no pre-planned way to fix this…

Hi aceb22bro,
Try the following to see if it helps. Thanks.
Disable Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP Referrer header) if you have it enabled.
Options, Under the hood, Privacy.

No difference whatsoever :\

Are you using any possible conflicting extensions?
Also it might be worth trying with Enable malware domain filtering (Comodo Secure DNS) disabled if you have it enabled.

Already disabled… and I have no extensions.

It happened on my old computer with the version 14 as well…

Sorry that my suggestions have not helped.
I have asked the other Mods if they have come across this problem or know a solution.

I tried emptying the cache right now… it did the trick. I may just need to do that periodically. At least more often than I did to Firefox when I used it.

Glad to hear it is working, but if the problem returns or persists and you consider this to be a bug you may feel like posting a bug report here.
If you decide to post a report, please follow the guidelines for bug reporting found here.