I hope this is the right section, sorry if it isnt.

After client update on 4 of July this thing showed itself in my Comodo Active Connections, but nothing suspicious in Comodo Active Process List.

I scanned with Comodo ofcourse, A2 and Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware. Nothing found.

Havent been at computer for some days and i updated the client today and nothing shows, not even before the client update.

So my question is: Can a firewall also show False Positives and that kind of stuff?

Hi, refox.exe appears to be decompiler used by Visual Fox Pro, It’s also flagged by Prevx as malware:

if you don’t use VFP it might be worth checking your system for problems…

So it can not have been some kind of F/P from client update on 4 July?

Because firewall shows nothing now and scans found nothing.

I personally have never heard of or seen the firewall report something that isn’t there. What have you used to scan your PC?

Dumb question, are you sure it wasn’t firefox.exe?

Comodo ofcourse, A2 and Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware. Nothing found.

And im pretty sure it wasnt firefox.exe.

It’s a bit of a puzzle. I assume you’ve checked your firewall rules for any strange entries? Also are you using D+?

Not sure, where do i go to look for that?

Not even sure what D+ is so i guess im not using it :slight_smile:

Open CIS from the system tray. First check firewall rules:

Open Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy

This is a list of rules you are currently using. make sure you recognise all listed services and applications. If you’re not sure take a screen shot and post it here. Next check for D+ (Defence+)

Open CIS from the system tray, then:

Open Defense+/Advanced/Defense+ Settings

If the slider is set to anything other than Disabled you’re using D+.

Nothing strange in there what i can see anyway.

Okey im using D+ :slight_smile:

You may as well check the programs listed in D+, again look for anything you don’t recognise.

In D+ open Advanced/Computer Security Policy

If this also clean, then whatever you saw doesn’t appear to have done any particular harm. All I’d say is, keep an eye on things, especially alerts for outbound connections. make sure you know what’s doing the asking.

Seems clean to me, no weird things what i can see.

Use the search function of Windows and let it search in all folders, including system folders, for a file with name refox.exe. Look at the files’ properties as well as in what folder it is.

Yea, that was one of the first things i did, nothing found.