Reformating Help.

I think there is an option for that. If you don’t have it, you may have to reinstall.

:-TU Don’t worry, I have serious problems with my OS too. Planning to reformat.

!ot!: If I just reinstall Vista by booting up on my reinstallation DVD and click “Install”, will it also delete everything? I want to totally delete everything on my HD. How should I do that?

No, your current windows will be saved and called Windows.old something. You have to format C: before you install.

Thank you. Just one more !ot! post: how should I reformat? On a bootable disk?

Good, a mod moved all this.

Reformat on a bootable disk, and as long as it’s legal.

If your formatting C:\ Drive, Click D>Enter>L then on C:\ (The one you deleted everything off), Click Enter and do a quick format.