Referrer Blocking

I have been doing some firewall testing at This has alerted me to the following.

[i][b]Referrer check

Danger! While visiting web sites your browser reveals private information (called ‘referrer’) about previous sites you have visited.

We advise you to get personal firewall software. If you already have a firewall program adjust it to block the distribution of such information (referrer). [/b][/i]

Can CPF be configured to block the sending of referrer information? If so, how?

Thank you!


Hello folks,

Dear Paul_G COMODO Personal Firewall does not have such feature (maybe in a near future! ;)), but as you are concerned about that you can look for complementary software like Ad Muncher 4.7. It is able to filter your internet connection for pop-ups, referrers and many other “nasty” internet behaviors and it is not free (COMODO is a godsend company :)), but you can try it.
Feel free to fire questions at will. Here is the place for that. Moreover, be welcome my new friend. I know I am not a moderator, but surely, I am man of good will.

See you later,