Redux: Elsword via Steam, Comodo, and this time, Windows 8.1

This game still will not work when installed and launched by way of Steam.

To recap the situation as I had described before, all scenarios have Comodo in common.

Before I continue, I’d like to define my environment:

  • Windows 8.1 Professional with Windows Media Center, 64-bit with all critical updates since installation applied
  • Comodo (from Question Mark Icon/About on main window) with default settings, but game’s core executable files listed as “trusted” by way of the “File Rating” window
  • Steam, package version 1422054110 (from Help/About Steam on main window)
  • Elsword 5.0128.9_2 (both standalone and Steam-installed)

To make things clearer, here are some terms defined:

This means Elsword as downloaded and installed from

Steam-installed, Steam-launched
This means Elsword downloaded and installed by way of Steam (either with the “Play” button from library or launching of “Elssteam.exe”, both of which allow the user to link their Steam account with their KOG account).

Steam-installed, direct-launched
This means Elsword as downloaded and installed by way of Steam but launched by directly launching “Elsword.exe” in the install tree.

Protection disabled
This means I right-click on the Comodo icon in the system tray, then select Antivirus/Firewall/Auto-Sandbox, then select “Disable”, then select a time period for all three subsystems that I can disable quickly. I also have added items from the game install into trusted list.

Protection enabled
Somewhat self-explanatory. Basically, using Comodo with installed defaults, adding “unknown” files from the game install to the trusted list.

Regardless of protection settings
This means it does not make a difference whether protection is on or off.

Further clarification: I am making sure it’s allowed to run “unlimited” when asked.

Here are my results thus far:

Standalone, Protection enabled:
Brings up login screen. Correct and desired behavior. Fine for standalone.

Steam-installed, Steam-launched, Regardless of protection settings:
Window comes up, sits unresponsive for random periods of time, then shuts down. Not desired operation.

Steam-installed, direct-launched, Regardless of protection settings:
Brings up login screen. Acts just like a standalone installation, but this defeats the purpose of having Elssteam.exe, which allows the user to start the game from within Steam as well as being able to log in without having to enter a username and password.

In all cases, the game uses an anticheat program called “XTrap”, which like other Korean games’ anticheat programs (some use XTrap, some use other programs), is pretty intrusive with its checks.

The only way to play the combination of Elsword with Steam and a third-party Internet security solution is by using an Internet security solution that is not Comodo. A while back, I tried standalone firewall and antivirus installs of Comodo. They seem to install Defense+ and the game never launches from Steam.

I am out of ideas. As much as I like Comodo, I can’t use it here. I am going with another solution until something can be done.

I will also give this message to the game’s developers so they can be aware of the situation. However, if anyone has any other ideas I can try, I’m all ears.