Redundant Security Alert popups

I’ve been using v. for a couple of weeks and have become annoyed with redundant security alert popups.

That is, the program appears to be asking for allowance or denial for applications it asked for previously, ie. Firefox, Eudora, etc.

I always choose “allow” but the popups just keep coming. Why doesn’t the firewall remember my choices like ZoneAlarm did?

Thanks in advance.


first of all welcome…And this link below is will ans ur q. It’s about transferring from ZA to comodo,7415.msg54177.html#msg54177

And did you raise the Alert Freq level to high if so you’ll get so many pop ups…It’s suitable for power users

this topic has been discussed so many times before (almost everyone asks this at the begging )

read the FAQ if you have time…it’ll ans lot of your Qs. And search the forum as well…

Guys are there to help u out…So feel free to ask any qs

This should be relevant:,6908.0.html