Reducing cpf.exe memory usage


I noticed that cpf.exe’s memory usage drastically reduces from abt 15mb (e.g. at startup) to abt 2-4mb, after calling out the GUI, then minimising GUI to taskbar, then closing the GUI:-

  1. Right click Comodo tray icon, select “Open” → Comodo GUI appears
  2. Minimise Comodo GUI to taskbar
  3. Right click Comodo GUI on taskbar, select “Close” (or: Left click Comodo GUI on taskbar → GUI restores to desktop, then close GUI)

If cpf.exe normally requires only 2-4mb, can something be done so that either cpf.exe not start at 15mb, or that it reduces its footprint on its own in a more timely fashion (I think it currently does reduce, but over many hours). It would an improvement for an already great firewall.

Thanks for reading,

P.S.> I apologize if this question has been raised before.

Yes, it has :), but it has not been addressed (yet). Most programs act this way. However, even if cpf.exe is minimized, it will gradually increase back (although I have not seen it as high as it first started). Other things that can cause it to grow is # of alerts in the logs or if you have many connections in the connections window opened.

I had noticed the same thing, but for me it stays low after hours and hours with emule running i got about 8MB on both services.

Everyone’s system (software, OS, hardware, settings, etc.) is different, so I don’t know…If CFP can be programmed that way I’m sure it might attract more users.

Thanks soyabeaner. Yes you’re right it does go up gradually, but generally stays on the low side like what drob mentioned.

Anyway its not really an issue, but a tweak-fix would be great (esp for users of slower pc’s).