Reduced memory footprint/More streamlined performance

Okay, well, i dont know where to put this, since it applies to all of the products, so i stuck it here.

Anyway, i noticed that Comodo has a rather large memory footprint, in particular the helper service. Right now on my system, its consuming 62.6 MB of physical memory, and 142.86 MB of the system memory (page file/physical memory). Just after startup, it spikes up to 300-350 MB of memory. I would like this reduced, as I have a memory constraint, and no easy way to alleviate the problem.

I, personally, would also like it to run faster, as i am using it on an older machine.

In my experience CIS is extremely light on resources, consuming a total of 9.5 MB of RAM on my system. It’s hard to imagine a security program using any less and still being effective. I also find it to be very fast and to cause no slowdowns at all. I am hardly using the latest and greatest hardware either as you can see in my signature. My RAM is only PC2700 running at 166ghz. My Hard drive is only a 5400 rpm EIDE product as well. Right now CIS is only using 5.2 mb of RAM between cmdagent and cfp.