Rednose is signing off

… for 3 days ;D

Because Rick ( ~cat~ ) is also away I hope you guys will fill the gap on the BOClean forum :slight_smile: I will be back on Monday :wink:

Greetz, Red.

have fun Rednose (:WAV)

(:WAV) O0

I am back in town :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Welcome back! Have fun?

Yeah, I had a lot of fun :slight_smile: I use to play Paintball, but now I have also played Airsoft for the first time ;D

Greetz, Red.

Both :Beer

Greetz, Red.

paintball= nice bruise

(:WAV) welcome back red.

just to make sure those paintballs didn’t cause any concussion or brain damage, you should try this test ;D

Ganda, I wonder if he even knows how to start the test…

:o red, maybe you need to sign off a lil bit longer ;D
i can show him how to start, but i won’t take any risk to ruin my score 88)

Not possible, I wear the Dye Proto FS Olive Thermal Goggle, and over that the hood of a camo sweater, or a camo bandana under the Goggle :slight_smile: Because bruses are no problem for me I don’t wear special body armour, only neoprene gloves to protect my hands and I wear knee caps under my camo pants :wink:

Greetz, Red.

??? are we still talking about paintball or you’re being Rambo 88) ;D

Haha… yeah Fair warning: DO NOT SNEAK UP ON REDNOSE. He can kill a man with a spoon. Twice.

I think Rednose is Chuck Norris in disguise 88) :smiley:

What’s the difference ;D

Greetz, Red.

I use/try/test different security set-ups/programs/tools on different pc’s all the time. If you call that paranoia so be it.

Greetz, Red.

So you thought that I was previous testing CFP 3 ( beta ) on the same system I was running CFP 2.4 on :stuck_out_tongue: Dream on boy, but I can edit my sig if that pleases you :-\

Greetz, Red.

Thank you. I didn’t realize I was that important ;D

he loves me more than that (:SHY)