Redirect traffic between 2 network cards


I have two network cards in my computer (Windows 2000) with different IPs and Gateways:

1st card: IP- Gateway-
2nd card: IP- Gateway-

Both of them have access to Internet and I want to send all traffic to 1st card but Emule traffic, that I need to send it through the 2nd card because this router have E-mule ports opened. Is it possible to do it? Could I configure CPF to send traffic to one or other network card?

Thank you.

Hi Fermars.

I’m sorry, but the personal firewall isn’t capable of IP routing (yet anyway). And your OS has limited routing capabilities, which means it won’t be able to route based upon ports alone.
As the firewall just allows/denies based upon a ruleset, and your OS only does basic routing, I beleive you’re forced to implement a routingtable manually.

Eg. route add mask

You could Google for something that will help you turn your computer into a router tho. I’m sure someone has written a nifty tool to help you do this :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

OK, thank you very much for your help.