Redesign the Antivirus Scan Window

I have seen several posts requesting improvments in the scan window. So, I designed a new window. Feel free to modify or add to it, and to submit your own. Perhaps this will help Comodo when they design CIS v4.

The pic below represents a scan when “automatically quarantine threats” is selected. If this option was not selected, the “action taken” would be listed as “None”. When the scan finishes, these files will be listed in the scan results window, where the user can take action.

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This new window for the virus scanner ROCKS i think something like this will come out in 4.0 (i hope)

:-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU

+1 for the new design it looks better than the current one which is in use. :-TU

+1 This new design have a lot of important information for users.

Very nice, :slight_smile: i really like your design.

Proper Job! :-TU

:-TU Also make it ‘Not Always on Top’

I like the design!

I have changed a little bit on your design.

Made the progress bar round at the corners (i like it better that way.)
And i think the window was kinda big, so i think it would be a cool feature if we could make it smaller, so it’s easier to watch while doing other things at the computer…

The first pic is just yours, with round corners at the progress bar.
The other 3 are just different smaller ones.
(and yes pic #3 is very similar to the normal scanning screen.)

(It’s 1st time i try this, so i hope they are ok, or give some new/better ideas.)

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I like your idea of using the “view less” button to shrink the window and the “view more” button to expand the window. For the minimized window, I like your pic #2 the best .

I made a minor change. I put the view more/less button in the same box as “Total threats detected.” It seems more relevent in that location (when you the click “view more” button located next to threats detected, it shows you the threats that were detected). It also saves space. So now this minimized sample window is almost the same size as the current CIS 3.9 scan window. I am not sure the button looks better in this location, but it simply shows another way to implement this feature.


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Lasse ur tweak in design is very neat, nice addition Thanks … keep bringing such brilliant designs. O0

+1 for the redesign, and +1 for John’s comment.

+1 on all of you. :wink:

There’s much to desire when it comes to the scanning window.

Make it so that it can be maximized as well: that may come in handy with long file names and paths. I like the less options thing.:-TU

Shall add three more information:

  1. Save scanning log in txt file.
  2. Show the Objects that can not be openned.
  3. Categories of the malwares
    Total malwares found: 20

    Trojan: 3
    Backdoor: 5
    Worm: 10
    Adware: 2