Red Shield and banner in some email headers

Windows XP PRO + all updates - I’m only using the Firewall and Defense+.
I can’t say for sure the Comodo is doing this…So,
I might be asking in the wrong place, as I have no idea of the cause:

I’ve recently started getting frequent flagged emails. They are, what I believe to be, valid emails. They’ve never been blocked before. Nor have I ever received this many flags in one day (MAX…1 or 2 per Month) The emails are from, if I recall over the last 2 days, from the same sites:

“Dr. Mercola”
“Cyberguys Buyers Club”
…These are in my inbox now, so there might have been others.

The headers read:
“Suspected Phishing Email”.
“This message looks like a phishing scam and has been blocked for your safety”

Any Idea?
Could the firewall or defense+ be doing this?

Thanks Much,

No, the firewall or D+ are not scanning your mail and changing your headers to denote possible phishing attempts.

This would be a function of either your ISP, your email application, or an anti-spam application.

Thanks HeffeD…upon reading your post, I logged on to Hotmail and sure enough. They are the guilty party that has all the sudden decided my emails aren’t worthy. :slight_smile:

Again, Thanks,

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