Red Line thru Icon after remote

Version 4.0135239.742 Win 7 Remote Log in

After a remote session to a computer with CIS latest version the Comodo Icon on the TaskBar shows a red line thu it

Defence shows as needing attention

Diagnostic finds nothing to repair. Solution seems to be as usual with Windows reboot and all is well again.

This only happens after a remote session on the remote computer after the remote session is ended

Any suggestions to overcome or is this a bug yet to be reported or fixed?

CIS works a treat for me other than this little problem

Many thanks :frowning:

Co-incidently, something very similar happened to me today. Had a red circle w/line through it on icon in the tray. Ran diagnostic tool, all ok and like you rebooted and circle was gone. Would like to know what caused it to appear even once. :o