Red is a Bad Color for the Tray Icon

Too many other things in the tray use red to warn when something is wrong, so it will be distracting, and could even confuse new people into thinking something went wrong with CIS. Could the icon be changed to blue or green, or even better, back to the white with a green checkmark (or a green ‘C’ if you prefer)?

P.S., I love this product. It replaced Kerio 2.15 on my systems. The only other gripe I have is how many things I have to click to get to the Network Security Policy, which itself could be named something more friendly, like “Firewall Rules List” perhaps. Could a link to the Network Security Policy be put on the context menu for the tray icon?

What I don’t like is that the green and yellow traffic arrows look horrible on the red. I never installed version 4 so I don’t know what the tray icon looked like with it, but I thought the icon with version 3 looked great.

A crumpled up piece of tin foil. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have to agree, first time I saw the icon, I thought there was something wrong. The other icon looked fine to me.


Red is OK for me. I like “C” letter instead of checkmark of v3/v4.
Nevertheless maybe white shield with red “C” letter would be better.

We need different tray icon colors according to status of CIS. A really ooooooold wish.

I didn’t like the new Icon to start with but it did grow on me, and at least IMO the red stands out to show you it has loaded. I do agree with you for different colors for status though or maybe the shield turn to a red cross. Kind regards.

I think the color shows the brand.
I think there should be another way to alert that something is wrong.

Couldn’t have gone with a more decent tone of red, though, could you?
I’m not sure about all you people having bad screens out there but this tone of red isn’t exactly pleasant on the long run and should be reserved for things that are actually wrong…

From this;

To this;

Wish there was a way to get v4 style back or even just change the colour

I like the red over the black :slight_smile:

+1 ;D

The v4 icon was the best so far . It actually looked like a strong shield and gave a better sense of security than one that looks more like a warning message.

Sorry guys, but the v4 icon is awful. The neutral tone is a step ahead of the current icon, but outside of that it’s a mess.

Here’s a few different looks for the current icon. I couldn’t get the C quite right on the last but I think you can get the idea.

There’s a pic attached, you have to log in to see it.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Sorry, but we need security itself, not sense of it. My 0.02.

I like the red Icon I just shut off the traffic bars so I see it all the time. ;D

I suggested to the dev’s to change the color with the state of system. So:

green = all ok

Blue = game mode on

Yellow problem = something turned off

red = major problem, virus found, etc.

Languy that would be great!! :-TU

Good suggestion!!! :-TU