Red images and Comodo Antivirus

I say hello to you.
Few months ago an unexplainable issue has begun: some of my photos, and some of them only, sometimes appear fairly red.
This is what happens: I look at an image and it’s fine. If I start other programs (7Zip, Explorer, properties of files etc…), within some seconds the image slowly becomes reddish. If I close those new programs, within some seconds the image slowly returns to normality.

Generally speaking, what happens is clear: there is “something” that goes into crisis when the PC is much busy, and of course everything returns normal when the PC gets free from those engagements.
It seems a matter of memory or similar.
But what is that “something”, nobody knows.

I have tried almost everything to solve such matter, but without result.
One clue brings me to Comodo: in fact such issue began approximately when I installed Comodo Antivirus.

Well, specifying that:

  • I use Windows XP sp.3 32 bit
  • I use Comodo Antivirus (Free) 5.10.228257.2253
  • the issue appears using every viewers
  • every viewer runs under the control of Explorer.exe
  • Explorer.exe seems the prime suspect
    I need to know from programmers of Comodo if their software affects something that could be involved in the visualization of images, especially if it affects Explorer.exe or the programs linked to it (see them in the attachment).

[attachment deleted by admin]

Before making a statement that CIS may have been the culprit, did you un install CIS to see if the problem persists?

Hi Giampy,
Check that the display adapter is function correctly.
Windows Device Manager

Did the Display Adapter update around the time the issue started?
If yes, try rolling back to the previous version.

Also make sure the monitor cable is security connected to both the monitor and the video card’s adapter.