red https with red line through it


Could someone explain what this means. It looks unsafe, should I continue? If allowed, I will post the full address.

Btw, in Chromium 6.0.458.0, it appears as a green padlock and green https.


Hi Graham1,

My apologies I have removed my wrong info.
Chiron is correct, in following post.

Can u PM the link?


I thought this was an orange warning.

What does WOT think about this site?

Thanks Chiron,

I edited my post above, I had some bad info.


Hi Chiron

I’m at work at the moment so can’t test with CD / WOT but will do when I return home later.

@Bad Frogger: I’ve PM’ed that address to you.


Thanks for the link,

I let myself get confused from going through the various beta’s and feature addition/changes to CD.

We were both right, It is as I first responded to you a DV cert.

First you get the warning as Chiron indicated, then if you choose to proceed then you get the red https (see pics) reminder that you are on a site without validation as to the WHO.
So if you know it is, an established legitimate known entity, you can proceed.

Sorry for any confusion.


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Sorry, I thought you were talking about the warning it displays. I forgot it even displays that https with the line through it.

It gives this warning for all DV certificates.

In fact go to facebook and you’ll even get one. All it tells you is that yes the site has a certificate, but you shouldn’t trust it just because of that.


Thanks guys :). WOT showed 2/5 for all options but I’m sure the site is legit though (just using DV certificate).