red dot on left corner

I know its something very simple but i see a red dot on all left top corners of windows in comodo firewall…



What version of CFP are you using?
Also, could you take a <a href=">screenshot of the user interface of CFP?
Are you relating to the error that turns of all monitors for CFP 2.4?



I dont relate to anything :slight_smile:

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I think everyone has it. But just because you have black background the dot can be seen better (:TNG)

Yep, can confirm I have it too. Nothing to worry about, probably just how the GUI is designed.


Ah, I see. Reminds me of the MS MineSweeper cheat.

God you`ve got good eyesight(ever thought of being a surgeon),the dots are for the mouse pointer referance as when you hit one you can expand the GUI.

Nice 1 Matty