red circle across comodo shield in taskbar [RESOLVED]

I have just logged on and I have a red circle on the comodo shield by the taskbar, is there a problem , am I still being covered by the firewall?


I also got this problem this morning after clicking on the updates are available notification bubble which keeps coming up on screen. I opened up the interface and saw a warning telling me to run a diagnostics check which I did. I was then told that it had been repaired and to reboot my PC for repair to take effect. On reboot everything is working fine again apart from the same update notification bubble which keeps giving me an Error 108.

Hey guys could you please check the event logs? AV,D+ and FW?

Thanks for the reply Kyle,
There is nothing in my AV log. My Firewall log has 100’s of intrusion events mostly from Windows Operating System all the same as the one below.
WOS-Blocked-UDP- -67 - - 68 - Date/Time.
The only thing I can see in the Defence+ log is the following.
Apllication-Windows-System32-drwtsn32.exe ----------Target-Comodo-cmdagent.exe this is dated at around the time I first signed into my PC this morning and around the time I got the warning.

Kyle, Mine is the same , i get loads of intrusion events, but nothing out of the ordinary.
There was nothing obvious to me when I opened the comodo firewall programme, nothing to explain why the circle was there, I did expect to see some warning icon come up to point me towards the problem , but nothing , in the end I just rebooted and this time it was gone.

any idea what the problem might have been , not seeing this before should i be concerned ?

I googled drwtsn32.exe and it is a legitimate MSN help tool called Dr Watson. I think it has just been some sort of signing in glitch between Windows and Comodo. It hasn’t repeated itself on my machine so far.

Just read a recent topic - headed ‘no sign’ and it suggests that the red circle is a bug.
shame we weren’t updated.

I have also this red circle. It started after the latest update some days ago. When I open the firewall it says Comodo firewall is not running. After I have closed the application and then start it again it is OK until next time I open the PC.

Hello bgaden,

This suggest something is preventing the loading of the firewall driver at system startup.
Can you please post your OS Version/language 32/64bit version
CIS version
Any other security software installed no matter if real-time or on demand ?

Also please check your windows event log, it should have a RED error with something like failed to load driver inspect.sys bla bla bla

For the drwatson accessing cmdagent, that suggests that cmdagent crashed and that dr Watson tried to find out what has happend, cmdagent blocked this access, but there is clearly something wrong if Dr Watson needs to access cmdagent.exe

Can you also check the windows eventlog and see if it recorded a crash for cmdagent ?

XP Pro SP3. English. 32 bits version.
CIS 3.9.95478.509.
Avira antivir personal version9.
Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware

In the eventlog for system there is an error which says:
The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load:
i8042 prt

I cannot see anything about a crash for the cmdagent


can you open a DOS Box (Command-Box, start, run cmd press OK) and type

net start inspect

And press ENTER after that, and past the results here ?


Here it is:

The requested service has already been started.

More help is available by typing NET START HELPMSG 2182

The requested servicw has alrady been started


Normally i don’t like this solution but could you do a download the latest version again from here:

Uninstall reboot and Install to see if that resolves the issue, maybe suspending Avira during install ?

the i8042 port is keyboard/mouse related and will show sometimes if there is a monitor/keyboard switch installed between two or more systems…


It seemed to work.

Thanks for your support.

BR :wink:

No problem,
Glad it got fixed.