I don’t quite get the figures in the “properties of snapshot” screen.
“Space used by this snapshot - 14 Gb” - can one snapshot take merely a half of the partition size? I’m sure it can’t but it’s written!
“Space used only by this snapshot” - 2 Gb - 10% of the disk space…! Isn’t it too large for a snapshot taken after 5 minutes of browsing of the Comodo forum? And what’s the difference between “Space used by this snapshot” and “…only by this snapshot”?
I had been using RollBack RX for a long time and it seems to me the space was not used so extensively. And I understand the figures there.
After restoring a hot-taken snapshot, the system says it wasn’t shut up correctly and proposes to do a safe boot.
2 separate systems on two dilks - CTM installs only if one disk is unplugged.
And why is it so… RED for God’s sake, seems nobody likes it. Red means warning, error, bug… “blue” screen of death :slight_smile: psychologically. I hope developers will take it into account.
Just thoughts…
Win7 ultimate x32, MS Essential Tools, SandBoxie and… .Windows Firewall blocked for output if anybody cares.

P.S. To mods, if this post is more like a bug report, please move it.

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3rd, size of data written since previous snapshot is taken
2nd, size of all valid data in this snapshot - 3rd size
1st, size of all used data on protected partition - 2nd size - 3rd size