Red Alert 2 installation blocked

I’m trying to install Red Alert 2 but Comodo keeps blocking my attempts and sending the setup file to quarantine even after adding the file to the exceptions. The installer uses safedisk 2, which may be setting off an alarm, I don’t know. But the disk is from 12 years ago, and if there were an actual virus I’m pretty sure EA Games would have known about it by now. But even after shutting turning AV off and even after shutting Comodo down, the installer is still being blocked.

This isn’t the first game I’ve had problems installing with Comodo running. I had to run windows in safe mode to install Tiberian Sun, but apparently I can’t do that with this game.

please report the file as a FP

How to report false positives

Thanks, but I did that already. Unfortunately while it may help somewhere in the distant future, it does little good in the immediate future in terms of being able to install the game.

try adding the files to the trusted files list

Thanks. That did it. I had forgotten about that feature since I really don’t use Windows very often anymore.

no problem glad it worked for you