Recycle Bin woes

I might have found another file/folder problem with CPF.

For the past few weeks when deleting files to the RB I every now and then get a message when I try to empty it that the folder ‘WINDOWS’ is not accessible or something like that. There is no WINDOWS folder in there but the RB shows as full. Rebooting and deleting something else and then emptying the RB clears things up.

I bring this issue up here because CPF has introduced other problems when it comes to files and folders. Such as the uninstall lockout problem and the TIF emptying problem that was fixed.

Anyone else have problems emptying the RB with CPF running every now and then? It just might be another cause but CPF is my prime suspect for now.

I have experienced this “exact” issue.

Yep, I have had the same problem with the recycle bin. Kind of had me worried the first time I saw “Windows” in the recycle bin. Rebooted and then I could empty the Recycle Bin with out any problem. Ony problem was I forgot to look in the Recycle bin to see what was really in there. (Both Times that it happened).

I’ve had this occur as well, but quite some time ago. It was way before CPF was released as a program. I think it’s a Windows error, and nothing to do with Comodo.

I looked on the M$ site, and found this thread in their user groups.

Hope it helps!

Yes I also saw other posts regarding this problem where CPF was not in the equation.

However I still can’t rule out CPF completely. First of all I never had this problem until I installed the 33 beta. I never had this problem before even with the prior CPF betas or stable release.

Secondly, I’ve had a few folder/file issues happen with CPF that are known problems. Some were fixed with beta 33, some are not but are at least recognized as problems by COMODO. This sort of RB problem seems to be in the same realm, so to speak.

CPF might just be setting up the conditions to cause this problem to the RB. Then again it might not be. Let’s see what the next release brings with it.

I am still seeing this with 2.3 release.

Really hasn’t happened to me in quite some time. I’m also on 2.3.

Can’t say it was CPF or not. But I can’t rule it out since CPF has ‘broken’ other seemingly unrelated things.