Recycle Bin in Tab Bar to access recently closed tabs like Opera

i think this should be a standard for all browsers

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As Opera user I voted for this suggestion…

As a Opera user, I voted I don’t care :stuck_out_tongue:

Reason being I would like it to be optional, Just the browser thats it… everything else is optional :stuck_out_tongue:
Thats why i liked firefox so much, because i could rip it apart and just include the things i wanted… but you can do that with chromium too :stuck_out_tongue: which i will try in a few weeks or so


yes you’re right it should be optional. i don’t care if it’s default or has to be chosen manually. good luck with chrome. i like chrome but i don’t think you will find it as customizable as firefox which i too love and still use as my default browser for the very reason that it is the most customizable browser i’ve found. and i can lock it down better than any other browser with adblock plus, noscript, wot and keyscrambler. on a side note adblock plus has chrome support now whick means so does dragon

Yes, it does. It’s not as robust as ABP for Firefox yet, but it will get there. :slight_smile: