Recurring updates

Hi, I’ve got about 6 updates in last 5 days. Now on version from yesterday and today CFW asks to update again. This is either a bug or insane updating cycle. Starts to become annoying.

Hi, Bucky Kid.

I answered you in a personal message. Your issue is under investigation. Please, check your e-mail and the personal message.
Thank you.

Hello sergey, thanks for your investigation.
I completed today’s update and Comodo reports again version This can signify only two things:

  1. Comodo sees false update
  2. Comodo sees update but doesnot update from online

Please revise how update checker works and make it more reliable.
If the reported version is not the latest, please send me a link for offline update.
What is remarkable is that by checking manually now for updates, Comodo reports no updates available, so I assume answer 1) is right.

Can you try downloading and installing ISE from this link then reboot and then check for updates with CIS? If CIS does say an update is available, go through with the update reboot and check if updates are still available. Its an issue with ISE trying to update.

Hi guys, I am facing the same problem.
Comodo CIS update is comming up and when I apply update and reboot issue repeats. (again and again…)
What is going on?

CIS Version (before and after upgrade process)

Is there any reliable solution for this?

It always you had stuck at same version as me.
Read the suggestions above and pls. report if it worked.

Is this ISE a part of the CIS?
Actually I do not know this product and do not know why should I install it.

There should be an offline installer for latest build that overcomes the incremental update bug, however IDK if it will require complete uninstall of current version and reset of all config.

Hi, Kristofejro.

The issue with available updates is under investigation. Please check your personal messages.

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Should be fixed with a clean install of