Recurrent problems with ident.

I have a recurrent problem with Comodo and the ident function. Sometimes the firewall obviously refuses to allow ident traffic (port 113) in and makes ftp connections with ident not to work. When turning the firewall off the connection works OK, turning it back on the same problem occurs. The only thing that helps is to reboot the PC, a very inconvenient way of fixing the problem.

I have a specific rule created to allow inbound ident traffic on port 113, and the general built-in rule that permits in/outbound TCP/UDP traffic should allow outbound ident traffic. I have disabled Component Monitor to see if it helps, but no show. What could cause this misbehavior? ThereĀ“s no log entry whatsoever telling me that ident in has been blocked. My router has port 113 open for inbound traffic and has never caused me any problems using other software firewalls.