Recurrent error

I am having an updater issue that is driving me crazy. It occurs randomly even when I am doing other things on my PC. It is a “cfupdat.exe” error.

If anyone at Commodo wants to see it, I have saved it as a screendump and attached it.


[attachment deleted by admin]

1st of all welcome to the forums!

Might i suggest uninstaling comodo and reinstall the latest version from the site

try that and see if it still happens…

Seeing how I don’t know what your OS is and I have no program to view the attachment (no joke), I took a wild guess and voted for Updater issue.

Its Windows XP i think from the screen shot

Here you go, soyabeaner… a “remote capture” so you can see the screenshot!


[attachment deleted by admin]

I can see it at my work machine, but thanks. No change in my vote though ;D.

wintej, if you disable auto update, will this persist?