Recovery Partition Questions.

Can the recovery partition in HP Pavilion a1330n model be infected by viruses? and if so could i somehow remove these viruses?

I want to use the partition to restore to factory settings but i need to first be sure viruses won’t comeback :confused: an answer would be appriciated or some sort of info. Thank you i love these forums by the way so many helpful people that care about others.

COMODO Forums forever I’ve not had a bad experience with COMODO :] thank you COMODO users in advance

Hi Joey,

Well as far as i know viruses can only prevent you from going in to your rescue partition.
I’m not aware of a virus that can “hide” it’s self in a rescue partition so that it get’s restored every time you should chose to restore…

So if your still able to enter your rescue system by pressing F10 at boot you should be fine.

Hi, I own 2 older HP Pavilions and both of them gave me the option to burn a copy of the recovery partition to dvds (which I did) :slight_smile: They are bootable and you’ve got a backup incase the hdd dies.