Recovering Snapshots?

Hi all

I use CTM since … about a year without problems, until today. After a damaged MBR I deleted a snapshot. This process created a new MBR however (idiot I am) I deleted the last snapshot and my system lost all data since the former snapshot. (2 month) :‘( :’( :‘( :’( :cry:

Is it possible to recover a snapshot? or to anyhow get the last system state back?


The snapshot recover does not recover the MBR itself.
You’ve lost your data when you’ve created a new MBR (or installed some incompatible software).
All your data (after removing CTM from MBR) is reset to baseline…
Sorry, I don’t know a method to recover it…

Hi Tech
and thx for the quick response!!!
I might have described the problem not really clear (am a bit hysterical this minute).

The story in short:
Could not boot the PC today → bluescreen with an error message: unmountable boot …
Entered the comodo console and deleted 2 snapshots (the last ones and not the first ones)
---- in this case comodo is performing a defragmentation 5 steps
After this the PC booted fine again, however in a former system state, so I assumed that an MBR was created anew. I did not install any software.

Now I would like to recover these 2 snapshots to get all data back I have lost now.
Is there any way to do so?


Master Boot Record is not changed by deleting/compacting/restoring snapshots.
Seems you’re using CTM version 2.8 and quite some bugs were addressed using 2.9 Beta one.

If you delete the latest two snapshots, the only thing you can do is restoring the third last one, the latest one that survival your deleting…

There is no way to recover deleted snapshots.

:‘( :’( :‘( :’(
that’s a bad thing
and I use v2.6

a HD scan with e.g. testdisk is also not able to restore these files?

in every case
thank yu for your information - your reply is highly appreciated!!


If you’re looking for a particular file, maybe…
But if you’re trying to recover tons of files… Only a backup will do that…

one last question please:
how does the snapshot process work in detail? Is there a kind of image file created or is the whole file structure mirrored?

What I had in mind with the testdisk tool was, that if CTM is creating certain files, it would be easy to recover this snapshot file.
However I do not know how that tool works


The disk surface (i.e., where the file resides, the space and the info there) is kept in the same place the original file. There is not a second backup or image. In other words, the disk surface is not overwritten unless you delete a particular snapshot.

It’s not a backup tool. There is no created files.
It’s a system restore feature.

Ok - no files.
I am definitely not familiar with this kind of backup technology hence I have no clue how this works in details.
So if there is no backup file created or similar, and the snapshot holds the information about the disc sector data, aren’t the data still there?

I am so picky because I lost 3 month of work and dozens of Gig data among others bought (and downloaded) software for which I do not have an external backup. (x.000$)

Is there anywehre a technical description about how this backup works in detail? This might give me a chance to get my data back or is -knowing and using all tricks- no chance to get back to my latest state?

tahnks and
have a good weekend

btw: good description !

Yes, it is, but only CTM can see and read it. For everything else, they’re raw data only…

Sorry I do not understand the reason for the two links related to my problem.

First link is a common description about CTM
second link a common description about Backup and Roll-back sytems

Yes, it is, but only CTM can see and read it. For everything else, they’re raw data only…
If CTM is the only way to be able to read these data, how can I restor the snapshots or whatever can be done to get it back?

I’ve tried to give you technical details of the technology.

You can’t. Sorry.
Maybe the developers have some other solution that I’m unaware of.

Sabine, I’m not really sure why everyone here seems to be stuffing you around or giving you a glimmer of false hope as to recovering your lost data.

Let me be clear for you now. YOU HAVE LOST YOUR DATA FOREVER. Sorry to be blunt but its time to end your misery humanely. Once you delete snapshots, the unique data contained in those snapshots are gone forever. CTM uses sector mapping and bit level technology that unless your prepared to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars in a special laboratory that recovers data for big business (and even then theres no guarantee) then believe it…ALL IS LOST. :frowning:

The painful lesson for you here is to make sure that all your important data is backed up on to an external source or when deleting snapshots think about whether you’ve downloaded or saved anything new that exists only in this snapshot and not in other snapshots. If so back this data up, then and only then when your sure, delete the snapshot. Alternatively mount the snapshot, copy all the data you want to keep over to your current snapshot and then delete the snapshot. I’m sure your already familiar with these concepts but sometimes people need it spelt out.

I’m sorry for your data loss but its time to move on.