Recovering infected Windows files?


This question is two-fold:

  1. When Comodo AV detects a virus, does it report specifically which file(s) is/are affected?
  2. If those files are Windows system files, is it a good idea to 1) reboot with a bootable USB keydrive running eg. Linux + ntfs-3g, and 2) recover those files from a Windows DVD as an alternative to the Windows Recovery procedure (in case the user hasn’t built a Windows Recovery in a long while)?

Thank you.

I would let Windows handle it its self using the system file checker either in safe mode or off line when booting the recovery options from the DVD.

Thanks for the input. I was reminded that files belonging to a Recovery Point could also be infected, so the only safe way is to carefully extract data files, reformat the drive, and reinstall Windows from DVD.

I would not immediately recommend to do a clean installation of Windows.

I would advice to either use a live CD like f.e. from Dr. Web or Kaspersky (there are others too) and let that handle it.

Or if you want to do it without a scanner boot from the Windows DVD to the recovery options. When at the recovery options choose to run the command prompt and run system file checker.

Thanks for the idea.