Recovering from "The image is corrupted."

A few weeks ago I made a full backup of my system before wiping the drive and reinstalling Windows. I had hoped to mount the backup images on the other side of the reinstall and copy my important files back to their proper locations. However, this didn’t work out too well and the file Disk_0_full_disk.cbu had data errors reading from the drive and is corrupted. Attempts to verify copies of the image set give “This image is corrupted”. Attempts to mount the image set often show only the 100MB “System Reserved” partition.

However, Disk_0_full_disk_2.cbu through Disk_0_full_disk_!7.cbu are not corrupted, and recovering ALL of the data in those backups should be possible.

How do I go about merging those files so that I can salvage what is possible from the backup? I have read in these forums of a method involving the first 32 bytes of the file but it wasn’t explained clearly and I’m not sure if it applies to backups that were compressed such as mine. Is there a document somewhere that explains what to do? Also, when doing it should I simply exclude the first file from the set?

Does Comodo or any other business provide a service for a fee where merge/salvage a backup set? I haven’t found that on the Comodo website.

Thanks very much for your help.

Try to mount from Manage TAB → Mounted drives.
And make sure you select the proper partition in “What to mount” field.


When I mount the image it shows the 100MB “System Reserved” partition and also creates a “Local Disk”, which it asks me if I want to format or not.

I am reasonably sure this is because the first file of the backup set is corrupted. However, I know the other files in the set are not. How do I restore from only those files?

Thanks for your help.

If you have another hard-disk of the same size or greater than original, you can try to restore this backup.
Restoring will automatically stop when it encounter corrupted data, so then you may be able to browse the restored partitions.