Recovering a browser session when there's no longer any evidence of it

Hi, gang. I think my annoyance at’s hubris may have gotten the better of me. I had a raft of tabs I kept open from session to session. Eventually, I added a tab from when I couldn’t find the position in question on the hiring company’s own web site. But is full of itself. If you go to shut down your browser and have a page from open in it, hijacks your shutdown and asks if you really want to leave this page, intimating you have unsaved stuff when you’ve done nothing but open it. And when you reopen the browser, it comes back to the page because that was the last one open when you shut down. I’ve gigged on this before. Being a web coder, I know they don’t have to do it. But they insist upon doing it. Well, they’re not the center of the web universe, no matter what they think. So I pulled that tab out of the row and put it into a separate window. Then I shut down the browser. However, when I opened up the browser, all I got was the page. The rest of my tabs were nowhere to be seen. And they don’t appear in my history. Have I just ■■■■■■■ myself?